Off -road vehicles


Ashot Ashkelon Industries Ltd. is a manufacturer, integrator and supplier of turnkey products to the leading OEMs in the automotive industry. Ashot specializes in the production of automotive systems and components for trucks and off-road vehicles. Ashot offers complete turnkey build-to-print and build-to-spec products. Ashot manufactures transmissions and gearboxes for clutch independence drives, hydraulic and mechanical power take off units (PTO) for trucks, drive axles, planetary drives.

Ashot also specializes in designing and upgrading automotive units according to customer requirements. Ashot is recognized as a high-quality supplier.

Ashot’s products and capabilities include:

  •  Automatic transmissions
  •  Hydraulic and mechanical PTOs
  •  Transmission range shaft
  •  Planetary systems
  •  Clutch independent drives
  •  Mass transit gearboxes
  •  Drive axles
  •  Final drives
  •  Oil pumps
  •  Reduction box
  • Transfer box
  • Gear assemblies