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Ashot Ashkelon is a recognized leader in the production of main automatic transmissions, final drives, transfer boxes, drop boxes, PTO’s and wide range of gear based assemblies and shafts for main battle tanks such as the Merkava and Abrams tanks, heavy & light armored personal carriers (tracked & wheeled) like the Namer and M113.

With build-to-print, build-to-spec and total design capabilities, Ashot offers gear-based systems assemblies and components. Ashot engineers and program managers possess a strong military background in the field of armored vehicle design and requirements. The company’s team leaders use their unique specialties, based on their vast high ranked experience and know-how in mobility and armored vehicle design, to define performance and specifications of combat and battle field operational vehicles. These unique capabilities are translated into Ashot product designs and sustain a common language and long term relationship with our end customers, operators in the technical branches and the fighting forces.
Our close cooperation with the Israel Defense Forces, leading global defense companies and Ministries of Defense gives Ashot an important edge when it comes to producing battle proven products. Merkava, “NAMER” and the upgraded M-60 tanks are achieved through the use of Ashot Main Automatic Transmissions, Suspension Systems and Final Drives.

Our quality system complies with ISO 9001:2008, NATO, US TACOM QSL, AS9100:D, IDF Q.C. and Mil-Q-9858.
Reliance Gear Corp., a fully owned U.S. subsidiary of Ashot Ashkelon serves as the regional basis for gear and transmission development for commercial and defense customers.