Sintered products


Ashot Ashkelon is a primary source for tungsten-based heavy metal products. The special high specific density characteristics, radiation shielding properties, and slight or non-magnetic properties make tungsten ideal for a variety of low volume/high weight applications in the aerospace, defense, automotive, medical, radiology and oil & gas equipment industries.

Ashot uses the latest cold isostatic pressing technology and a variety of sintering techniques including deformation and heat treatment.
As a leading supplier of tungsten-based products, Ashot manufactures custom products for the following applications:

  • Aircraft balance weights
  • Helicopter rotor damper
  • Aircraft and land-based gyro components
  • Instrument balance weights
  • Airborne antenna bases
  • Propeller and blade balancing
  • X-ray and radiation therapy shields
  • Industrial shields for irradiation systems
  • Armor Piercing Penetrators
  • Fragmentation Parts
  • Radar balancing
  • Tool holders
  • Oil & gas liners

Ashot’s impressive sintering and blending facilities are backed by metallurgical, chemical and mechanical laboratories equipped with state-of-the art systems. This includes an ICP spectroscope, scanning electron microscope and other methods of chemical and mechanical analysis.

Ashot has one of the world’s largest sintering facilities, enabling it to manufacture a wide range of tungsten alloys, from standard to tailor-made alloys.

Ashot’s machining capabilities enable it to manufacture an impressive variety of part shapes, sizes and weights.
Ashot is approved by ISO9001:2008, AS9100:D and NADCAP.